From the moment that we are born, there is only one emotion that we experience fully. An emotion that is  encouraged by the society as a norm. And it’s called LOVE.

Love has many forms but what I’m talking about is the attraction between two people. As long as you stick to the social norms, all is well and good. But the moment you feel an attraction towards a member of your sex or anyone who doesn’t fall in the category of the two socially approved genders, it becomes a problem. You are looked down upon as a freak of nature, an abomination who has committed the most heinous crime, the crime of love.

The hypocrisy of the society becomes evident now. We are taught to love everyone equally whether it’s a man or a women. As you grow up you realize that this is sadly not true, you cannot fall in love with anyone whom you want to. You have to stick to the checklist, people not on the checklist are a big NO.

Attraction to someone of your sex is a taboo. You’re constantly told that it is a phase, it’ll pass, you’ll grow out of it or that it’s just your way of rebelling. When they realize it’s not a phase, you’re shunned. You are made to feel like your feelings don’t matter at all.

The society expects you to change so that it’s not forced to change. Overtime you might get lucky and find people who accept you for who you are. But think of the people who don’t.

Think of the people who live their entire life in hiding because they were afraid to come out. People who are disowned by their families, their own blood, just because they were different. Think about the 16 year old kid who’s terrified just because they like the sex people. Now imagine living your entire life as a lie and in oppression just because a few assholes were afraid of change.

This is what I want you to think about when you go to sleep tonight.



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