You thought you’ve said your goodbye

But we both know it’s a complete lie.

Forever in your heart, I still remain

Why? Why put yourself through so much pain

Outside you’ve lied, but inside you’ve cried

And now its time to mend

Your broken heart

All you have to do is come back

And I greet you with open arms

I’m still here and you’re not going anywhere

We are finally complete.



I’m stuck in a magical realm

Of which you are the ruler, it seems.

You’re a witch, the best of your kind,

Lost in you, its myself that I find.

The shocking truth is that I want you

All of you, your heart, soul and mind

Oh! You’ve cast a spell on me

Frozen I watch you helplessly.

As you work your magic on me

Something in me clicks, a missing piece

We belong together, you and me

Until after the end of time

It’s you and I, you and I.


Your image etched into my mind

Your laughter, the sweetest sound

Oh! What all I would do

To make you mine

From you, I’m forever looking for a sign.

Tell me you want me,

Just like I want you.

Tell me you love me too

You’ve been gone for far too long

Its time to finally come home

Let them stare, let them see

Show them who you are,

Tell them you belong to me.

Till forever and after.